Charlene - Gee Whiskers!

I have quite sensitive skin so products like these are a treat to use because not only are they gentle on my skin but it is also incredibly effective.

Clara - Beyond35

Simple & effective organic skincare that delivers. 

38 yr old mother of five, Johannesburg, South Africa

I run a special needs school. I have always suffered from very dry skin. I lost a vast amount of weight last year (25kg) and all of a sudden had a face full of wrinkles!!!! I tried every mature skin product available and none seemed to make too much difference for an extended period of time. I live on a very tight budget so the very high end creams were not affordable for me. I walked into Weleda Pharmacy in Pineslopes Fourways around a month ago and a gentleman convinced me to purchase the natural face and body balm for my dry skin. I figured for R95 I didn't have much to lose. 

I began using the balm (in combination with my fairly expensive and well-known face cream) and within days noticed a difference in the feel and appearance of my face. My other face cream ran out and I continued to use the reNu balm only. The results after one month are astonishing. My deep frown lines are barely visible. The wrinkles and lines around my mouth are fading and my skin isn't tight and itchy anymore. What an incredible product you have made.

I bought my second jar today and feel that I have found my permanent answer to a young looking and feeling face. Thank you, James, I finally have an affordable and excellent product for my tired looking skin.

June Fernandez, Cape Town, South Africa

I have had psoriasis for 30 years. I have a fair complexion, blond and so have a high likelihood of developing common pre-cancers.   I used to have large crusts of skin across my cheeks and psoriasis sores in my nostrils and actinic keratosis on my hands.  My hands were mottled with skin scaring and skin crusts and keratosis. Within a month of using reNu Organic Skin Care – for All dry skin conditions, my nostrils were completely clear. My hands, arms and my cheek crusts are also progressively clearing.

There were dramatic signs of improvement to the texture of my skin after the continued use of reNu. I tried so many prescriptions and special mixes and I spent years thinking that this was the only skin surface texture I would experience in my older years.

I am so happy with the reNu Sensitive Balm results and would recommend it to anyone suffering from psoriasis, crusting and keratosis.   

Jenni Saunders, Cape Town, South Africa

“Mature skin tends to get very dry and all the aqueous creams and body butters that I tried did not get rid of scaly legs and hands. I discovered reNu, and was astonished that this pure balm, with no water in it whatsoever, did incredible things for my skin. Once you warm it in your hands, it blends in to your skin and within minutes both hydrates and creates almost a protective ‘skin’ over that area.  Now I use it at night on my face too – when I wake up my skin still feels elastic and not dry at all. The best part too is that it contains no preservatives or chemicals that can cause break-outs etc- its totally natural. In truth, I think that if the whole world finds out about RenU, there will be a terrible shortage – so I best keep quiet!”.

Rosemary Hobson, Livingstone, Zambia

"I think reNu Organic Natural Balm is a VERY worthwhile product.  I used it on my mastectomy scar and found my scar healed so quickly and did not pull and has faded.  It is a wonderful nourishing balm and I personally will never be without it from now on." 

Di Mackenzie, Knysna

I use reNu all over my body and face, and find it particularly useful for my dry cracked heels and hands. It has a wonderful soothing action, and I cannot use anything else! I even apply it to eczema spots on my three year old grandson with magical results.

Peggy Ford, Knysna

I am an 84 year with very sensitive skin. I experience a terrible allergic reaction to most commercial aqueous creams, and since discovering reNu, I will use nothing else. It agrees with my skin 100% and I apply it all over my body and face for every and any condition.

Kaja Wohlschlegel, Kandern, Germany

I use the reNu anti-aging serum and balm around my eyes. I love the feel of it and it makes my skin feel and look rejuvenated, youthful and healthy. I love the fact that it is organic, and recommend it to anyone who genuinely wants to take care of their skin.

Kate Bailey, Johannesburg South Africa

For the dry Johannesburg winter months, there is nothing I would rather use than reNu skincare for dry skin conditions. It is rich, soothing and makes my skin feel moisturized and nourished. Aqueous creams I used to buy simply do not give me the same mileage.

Richard Forbes, Johannesburg, South Africa

I use the sensual massage oil as a shaving oil and hair gel. Since using it, I experience no shaving rash, and after shaving my skin feels wonderfully nourished and radiant. The great fragrance also negates the need for an after-shave.



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