Demonstrate and sell our products in your own time.  

With its range of products geared for dry skin relief and mature skin, reNu Organic skincare production is experiencing a steady increase in demand, especially in the Gauteng area, which at this time of year, begins to see proportionally more dry skin sufferers than anywhere else in South Africa.

In order to make the product more easily available to a wider network of people, we are offering a limited number of Agency Agreements to well-networked individuals who feel they can sell within these networks. Already some individuals are doing a great job in supplementing their income through supplying our helpful skin-care products. 


If you just want to sell casually to friends/associates etc, you can buy a starter pack, including all the best reNu sellers at a heavily discounted price which will include obligatory training. The starter pack will be sufficient to use as testers and sell to others. Once you have the training and samples you are set up to take orders and then place orders, which can be supplied on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. For this option you need to be assured that you are well-networked and in a good position to reach people.


If you are in a business that already has a captive audience, such as beauty spa or hair salon owner etc, small consignment amounts are provided only once off. Thereafter, once you see that stock moves well with your participation, stock should be purchased up front. Excellent margins on offer for this option. References are available from other such agents who boost their monthly income significantly by doing very little extra work.


An agent with defined territory. If you are willing to buy a minimum of stock up front, the purchase price is reduced significantly. Testers and brochures are provided with this option. Then we define a market and a territory, and what you do in your territory is up to you and the margins are big enough to include another middle man or two into your down structure (such as a representative or shop owner). It is important to remember in this case that you are not going to make your money back all in one go. This is a long term option, and requires building the brand in your territory. Our excellent active online campaign will further assist you in your territory.

Further details and pricelists are available upon request